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What is Included in Our Services?

Guest Communication

From the initial inquiry to the time the guest checks out (and even beyond), we handle all communications with our awesome guests. This includes answering questions about the home, all payments, rental agreements, area questions, and more!


With an ever-growing number of short-term rentals in our area, pricing and marketing the home is key to success. We utilize a pricing software that helps us determine different key factors and analytics of the local market, while listing our properties on several different platforms, including Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, and more! We are Superhosts on Airbnb and Premier Partner on VRBO, which helps drive more bookings, and work closely with our SEO company to ensure our content is being distributed in the most effective manner across the web.


All funds flow to our Trust Account, ensuring your rental revenue is kept secure. Our team handles all the revenue from all the different booking platforms, keeping track of it all for you. Just keep the lights on, and we will send you an ACH payment every month! We also charge, withhold, and file local county taxes that are required for STR's in our area.

Professional Cleaning

All cleaning is handled by our in-house cleaning team, who is fully insured and background checked! Not only do we schedule, supervise, inspect, and pay the housekeepers ourselves, we actually cover all the linens in the home! All linens are professionally laundered and changed out with every single reservation. We won’t be doing several loads of laundry at the home, which in turn will help save on those expensive propane and electric bills. Lastly, this extra step allows us to provide our guests with highly sanitized linens, as the industrial washers and dryers reach higher temperatures than standard home units!


We oversee all basic repairs and maintenance of your property. Guests won’t be calling you with HVAC, plumbing, or Wifi issues. We’ll handle it (of course we will stay in contact with you during serious matters). Rest easy knowing you have someone local to tackle these problems.

Hands Off Vacation Rental Ownership

Our main goal is to provide an all-in-one service to ensure a quality vacation rental experience is delivered to our guests. The vast majority of our homeowner partners are very busy with their day-to-day lives and often live in another area. Working with an experienced local company ensures the small details are always being handled.

Love Yosemite! Vacation Rentals


Switched after 20 Years

This particular property was with another management company from 1999-2019.

The property’s highest grossing year was 2015, when it brought in $88,000 in room rental revenue.

In late 2019, Love Yosemite! took over management of the property.

In 2020, Love Yosemite! was able to book the property for a total of $150,500 in room rental revenue.

In 2021, this same property is on pace to do $232,000 in room rental revenue!


Switched before COVID-19

This property was managed by another local management company for 4 years (different from case study #1).

Highest grossing year was 2016, in which the property brought in $26,200 in room rental revenue.

Love Yosemite! took over management of the property in the fall of 2019.

In 2020, the property brought in $38,000 in room rental revenue.

The local county did not allow vacation rentals for 4 months due to Covid 19 in 2020!

In 2021, the same property is on pace to book $82,000 in room rental revenue.

This is with the local county again shutting down vacation rentals for nearly an entire quarter.


Switched from Self Managed

Homeowner self managed property for 9 years, and had over one hundred 5 star VRBO reviews.

The homeowner’s highest grossing year was 2016 at $26,000 in room rental revenue.

The homeowner got tired of the day to day job of managing their home from afar, and turned the property over to Love Yosemite! in November of 2019.

In 2020, Love Yosemite! booked the home for a total of $39,000 in room rental revenue, losing 12 full weeks to the Creek Fire!

In 2021, the property is on pace to book for $47,500 in room rental revenue!

Top of the Line Software

We utilize what is considered the top vacation rental management software. Not only does it help connect your listing to several bookings platforms, but also has an owner’s app and portal so you ALWAYS know what’s going on with your property. See real-time work orders, bookings, rates, availability calendar, and more! We believe in full transparency, and this software helps us in achieving this goal.

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